The Cadiz City Water Supply, prior to the establishment of Cadiz City Water District (CCWD) Water supply was then, managed by the Local Government.

Due to the Lack of technical know-how and funding, this rendered the water supply inefficient and incapable of serving even only the 6 urban Barangays of Cadiz City.

The Establishment of Cadiz City Water District in February 17,1989 by virtue of the issuance of  Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) of  a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (C.C.C.) # 386 the existing water supply system was turned-over by the City.

With a loan coming from LWUA, the CCWD started repair and replacement activities which enabled it to start becoming financially viable. The District was able to increase its concessionaire base of 500 connections in 1989 to 1600 by 1997. In 1998 the CCWD became a recipient of a mix loan/ grant program of the Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA) via the LWUA. Abandoning its old wells, the District sourced its water supply from a spring commonly known as Busak-Busak, which is located about 2.5 kilometers from the City Proper.

In January of 2000, the new system became operational. With abundant potable water, the District was able to supply water to not only 6 urban Barangays but to 4 additional Barangays. The District was also able to increase its concessionaire base to its present 6500 connections with this abundant Water Supply. CCWD is currently classified by LWUA as “C” category.

Water Districts came into existence in 1973 by virtue of Presidential Decree 198, known as Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973. The District then was Quasi Judicial in character. In February 13, 1992, it was however declared as a Government -Owned and Controlled Corporation by Supreme Court per G.R No. 91237-38 in which CCWD is subject to usual mandatory audit and review by National Government Agencies like the Civil Service Commission (CSC), The Commission on Audit  (COA)  and The Department of Budget and Management (DBM)..



That every person can avail of a clean, potable and reliable water supply, which is the foundation of a happy and a healthy family.




To provide our consumers a clean, potable and reliable water supply on a sustainable basis and to protect the water source, so future generations may continue to avail, share and enjoy this God given gift.”